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The Best Move To Earn Web3 App Combines

With 8% BUSD Reflection Protocol.

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Component 2
Component 2


Kalories offer $KST holders two ways to earn passive incomes, which are Move To Earn and Hold To Earn.

Move to Earn

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Kalories NFT Sneakers

These are four types of NFT Sneakers

Each type of sneaker have four levels, rewards are determined and multiple by sneakers level

Component 4
Component 4

Hold To Earn

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$BUSD Reflection

Earn automatic $BUSD rewards by holding your Kalories $KST – 5% of every Buy and 8% of every sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $KST eligible holders.


1% of every Buy & Sell transaction is automatically deposited into a locked liquidity pool as $KST and $BNB, providing continuous liquidity to stabilize the price.

Treasury & Marketing Pool

2% of every Buy and 3% of every Sell transaction go directly to Treasury/Marketing Pool, it may also be used to fund new Kalories products (KaloriesGo App), Move-To-Earn rewards, services, and projects that will expand and provide more value to the Kalories community as well as providing funding for marketing.


8 % Buy Tax

12% Sell Tax

Component 2
Component 2


Phase 1:

  • Website Development
  • Smart Contract – Mainnet
  • Contract Audit
  • Bounty Campaign
  • Community Build up
  • Move-To-Earn
    (KaloriesGo App protocol development)

Phase 2:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Move-To-Earn
    (KaloriesGo App Demo/Beta Launch)
  • Whitelist Private Presale
  • Public Presale - PinkSale
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko Listing

Phase 3:

  • NFT integration and Marketplace implementation
  • CEX Listing
  • Ongoing Marketing Campaign
  • Partnerships
  • Integrate trading $KST tokens on KaloriesGo App
  • Move-To-Earn: KaloriesGo App Official Launch

Phase 4:

  • Hugh Marketing Campaign
  • Major Cex Listing
  • Development of physical products
  • Commercial Sponsorship
  • Wide protocol and application
  • Cross-Chain Integration


We are the First and Only crypto project that combine Move to Earn web3 App (Move To Earn ) with $BUSD reflection (Hold to Earn), which brings greatest gain to $KST holders. Holders can enjoy the price rise of $KST by earning from Move To earn, also stable income of $BUSD rewards reflection by Hold To Earn.

Each type of sneakers have 1000 NFTs, Total 4000 NFTs available. Terms and Mint detail will announce after $KST pancakeswap launch , stay close with our official telegram.

Binance pegged USD ($BUSD) – a regulated stable-coin pegged 1-1 to the US dollar. Safe and Stable to Kalories $KST holders.

To receive automatic $BUSD reflection, you have to hold 10,000 $KST tokens.

Rewards are directly related to trading volume and your bag size. The higher the volume, the more rewards you earn!